GMLPF response to Panorama programme on Apprenticeships

Yorkshire Training Partnership are fully supportive of any action that unearths unscrupulous practices in the delivery of Apprenticeships, as highlighted in last night’s Panorama: The Great Apprentice Scandal.

TV investigative journalism meant that the prime-time programme could focus only on bad practice of immoral providers, with the aid of Government who believes that only Colleges and Employers can create and support  Apprenticeship growth and throw un regulated money at them both. Whilst starving and tying the independent WBL providers in red tape and claw back hand cuffs. Those who are familiar with the work-based learning sector know full well that the examples highlighted represent the exception rather than the rule for Apprenticeships delivery. That our Colleges in some cases are no better than the employers sighted in the programme.

For a majority of learners, the Apprenticeship programme is a positive and productive experience, enabling them to gain skills, work experience and qualifications, and underpinning  the start of a career in their chosen industry. Many of these young people achieve success despite having left school with few or no qualifications.

Most learning and skills providers, including sub-contracted ones, are honest, and responsible, many being Social Enterprises and or Charities which operate on a not for profit basis. With operations that are built around helping young people to meet their potential, many of them from areas of high deprivation. Many learners have had their lives turned around thanks to the Apprenticeships programme and the intensive support they receive from learning providers throughout their training.

All of the independent sector providers have invested their own funds over the last few years to improve  Apprenticeship provision and resources to support it, with NO capital grants  or additional hand outs from Government unlike our Colleges and the privileged few employers.

We at Yorkshire Training Partnership would be delighted to collaborate with BBC with examples of high quality apprenticeships delivery, in partnership with our members and employer members of the Chambers of Commerce who are Apprenticeship providers as employers.

Chris MacCormac

Chair of the Board of Yorkshire Training Partnership

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